Pričevanja / Testimonies / Temoignages

Disclaimer: Vse povezave v nadaljevanju so zgolj povezave na spletne strani (ali do ustanov), kjer so pričevanja javno objavljena/hranjena. /All the following links are just connections to the web-sites (or institutions) where the testimonies are openly published/archived.

I. O drugi svetovni vojni / About Second World War  


  • USC [University of South California] SHOAH Foundation [founded by Steven Spielberg 1994]. The Institute for visual history and education: PRIČEVANJA PREŽIVELIH V OKVIRU PROJEKTA “Bil/a sem priča”/ TESTIMONIES OF SURVIVORS IN THE FRAMES OF PROJECT “I Witness” (more than 1320 videos of survivors from different regions in Europe and in different languages; with interesting testimony in Croatian language on Jasenovac – about how they handle Roma people -“Tziganes”-“Gipsies”; project is without partcipation of Slovenia). In fact, Archive of the Institute has more than 52.000 testimonies of survivors and other eyewitnesses to the Holocaust and the Rwandan Tutsi Genocide (also further indications on collections on the Armenian and the Cambodian genocide), and 26.000 testimonies of non-English languages (interviews were taken in 33 languages and in 57 countries). Testimonies, as it is written on the site, “encompass the experience of survivors as well as liberators, rescuers, and post-genocide trial participants. As these interviews are life histories, their subject matter includes the history and culture of the countries of the interviewees’ birth and their lives before, during and after the genocides. The interviews average 2 hours in length.”

  • Here’s an example of the testimony: you are watching a testimony of Halina Strnad, an Austrian (surname Strnad even sounds Slovenian) Jewish Survivor from the Holocaust. [To learn more about and explore the stories of other Holocaust survivors and witnesses, visit]

II. Izbrisanih prebivalcev/prebivalk iz registra državljanov RSlovenije po osamosvojitvi 1991 / Of erased people from the registry of the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia after the independece of Slovenia in 1991:

(PISNO/written TEXTS):

III. Izkoriščanje gradbenih delavcev Vegrada (pretežno iz republik nekdnanje Jugoslavije) / Exploatation of Constructor-Workers from other republics of ex-Yugoslavia

  • Fragment of the documentary film “THE INVISIBLES” (by Pieter De Vos, Svetozar Petrović, Vuk Savić), 2010
    This short film tells the story of poor living conditions and problematic social status of migrant workers from ex-Yugoslavia through the case of VEGRAD construction company that collapsed in 2010.

IV. Luških delavcev v Kopru, Slovenija / Of Port Workers in Koper, Slovenia (2010)  

(PISNO/written TEXTS):

  1. Predragova zgodba
  2. Slaviševa zgodba
  3. Draganova zgodba
  4. Đokova zgodba
  5. Mirova zgodba
  6. Dušanova zgodba (vsa pričevanja sta zbrali U. Čebron in E. Brajkovič / all testimonies were collected by U. Čebron in E. Brajkovič)
  7. Za tekoče dogajanje okoli Luke Koper gl. tudi blog Alterantiva obstaja / For the current activities and events around the Port of Koper see blog Alternative Exists (in Slovenian)

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