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  1. SHORT CV (slovensko, English, français)
  2. IZRINJENA INTELEKTUALCA, intervju za Kažin, Koper, 2012 / OUSTED INTELLECTUALS : INTERVIEW FOR THE STUDENT JOURNAL KAŽIN, Koper, 2012 (kratka verzija, za dolgo verzijo glej rubriko “intervjuji” – Interviews/Entretiens, samo slovensko/only Slovene)
  3. INTERVIEW FOR THE WEEKLY MLADINA 2011 (supporting port workers in Koper at their strike; they work under terrible, inhuman conditions and for a miserable payment, other themes , such as historical conditions for the growth of oppressive regimes in Slovenia and Central Europe, social change, neoliberalism, poetry, education, relationship history/memory, pop up too, slovensko/only Slovene)
  4. 2001-2011: INITIATOR, (CO)FOUNDER AND PRINCIPAL EDITOR OF THE JOURNAL MONITOR ZSA – REVIEW FOR HISTORICAL, SOCIAL AND OTHER ANTHROPOLOGIES, edited 38 numbers (examples*: no. 1-2, 2008, no. no. 3-4, 2008, *important notice)
  5. FROM MY POETRY (10 pesmi-slovensko, 10 Poems-English, 10 poèmes-français)
  6. FROM MY BOOK FOR KIDS (excerpt from Refugij Tapù-slovensko/Rifugio Tapù-italiano, translated by Michele Obit)
  7. ARTICLE 1 – ON DREYFUS AFFAIR (historical anthropology, in French)
  8. ARTICLE 2-SUMMARY OF THE MONOGRAPH / ARTICLE 3-RIASSUNTO OF THE MONOGRAPH , 2007 (historical anthropology, epistemology of historical research, relationship Enlightenment-Historism[us], English & italiano)
  9. 2002 (in Koper, Slovenia): DIRECTION OF THE TRANSLATION WORKSHOP LINGUAGGI DI-VERSI, this was a first experimental collective poetry translation workshop in Slovenia (later on they became numerous), where we followed the pattern of simultaneous translation into 10 languages; a poet went line by line, translating word by word into languages she/he knew, all translators worked with the poet at the same table (photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, clipping 1, clipping 2, anthology published in 2004 – excerpts: Contents, Taja Kramberger in Gašper Malej, Prevajanje – potovanje brez vrnitve (slovensko), Taja Kramberger, Langages di-vers – Linguaggi di-versi – 4e atelier international de la poésie et de la traduction à Koper (français), an example of different translations (of a poem by Neringa Abrutyte, many languages), portraits of participants and other drawings (by Alenka Koderman et al.)
  10. 2007-2009: DIRECTION OF CULTURAL EVENTS IN THE FRAMES OF “COLLEGIUM ARTIUM” AT THE FACULTY (report 2007-2008 , slovensko/only Slovene)
  11. 2010: DIRECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP FOR GIFTED PUPILS (who have Zois fellowhip and other fellowships in their respective countries), in the frames of the Camp UMMI at Debeli rtič. Here are some products: preparation for the booklet, literary section from the published booklet
  12. UNIVERSITY LECTURES, 6 intensive years (2004-2010) before the purge of critical teachers and assistants in 2010 took place under the name of “rationalization of the teaching personnel” at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper (for the documents of the purge and polemics on it see Rešimo univerzo / Save the University / Sauvons l’université, example of my short columns written during the process of purge – en français: Sur la laicité & La liberté des autres); besides I’m the co-author with Drago B. Rotar of 12 courses of historical anthropology  (see here) for the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska (though the direction of the faculty & university had sometimes used other names for the accreditation, the whole work is merely ours), i. e. we prepared and built the whole study of historical anthropology from undergraduate to the PhD grade and it was accredited by the State. In 2010 “use the pulp of orange, throw the core” style, which Voltaire describes in his letters, was used by the university and faculty leadership & I – among many others – was abruptly and illegally thrown out (later on I won the reparations at the court). Drago Rotar, full professor, for whom they (leadership of the faculty and university) somehow couldn’t provide a sufficient “incrimination file”, though they incessantly try to fabricate something, suffered and is still suffering (2010/2011 & 2011/2012) further vexations at the faculty.
    • 2 examples of my courses (slovensko, some English translations):

      • syllabus1 & ppt1
      • silabus2 & ppt2
  13. DEMOCRATIC EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES AT THE UNIVERSITY, executed in the frames of my and Drago Rotar’s courses and seminars of historical anthropology between 2004 and 2010). One of the results of such a collaborative research work was the extensive collective exhibition on the Dreyfus Affair (1894-1906) and its representations in France and abroad with a special emphasis on Slovenian social space and Trieste (45 panels with accompanying video and audio recordings). The exhibition was gradually composed in the process of collective research done together by the students and teachers inside the course and seminar work (2007-2008). Till now it was set up and shown in 4 cities in Slovenia and Italy:
  • 2008: Koper (photos by Mina Bulić, Nika Čokl in TK: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • 2009: Trieste (photos by Drago Rotar: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 2010: Maribor (photos by PM, TK: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • 2011: Murska Sobota (photos by Tomislav Vrečič, PM, MS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

More details on this kind of seminar work and the Dreyfus Affair research of undergraduates see under “Afera Dreyus/The Dreyfus Affair/L’affaire Dreyfus”.

  1. VIDEO-CONFERENCE ON POLITICAL POETRY (11/2011, University of Ljubljana, slovensko/only Slovene)
  2. AUDIO-POSNETEK ODDAJE “TO JE MOJA MUSKA” (Boris Žgajnar, gostja Taja Kramberger), RADIO SLOVENIJA, 25. OKTOBER 2011 (slovensko) // AUDIO-RECORDING OF THE BROADCAST “THIS IS MY MUSIC” (ed. Boris Žgajnar, guest Taja Kramberger), RADIO SLOVENIA, 25TH OCTOBER 2011 (in Slovenian)

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           Helsinki 2007: David Albahari, Taja Kramberger & Zoran Ančevski


1. First Tunnel Struggle

First tunnel struggle. Light at the end. I was born. Period. Late summer. Still love the Enlightenment. Period. September 11, 1970.

2. Family – first frame of memory

My family surrounds me. My first frame of memory. Everything seems possible.

3. 11 September 1973

I completed 3 years. During that day Salvador Allende completed (his) life. Mother obviously not present (wrong flower “vase”, table not arranged properly). Huge and terrible events on the other side of the Earth. Me – in that very moment – looking quite happy on a tiny scale. Rather think of “Decca”, Jessica Mitford, a precious companion of the civil rights movement, who left behind her privileged upbringing for good. On 9/11/1973 she had her 56 birthday. Down: Carmen Castillo, Un jour d’octobre à Santiago, Éditions Bernard Barrault, Paris, 1988 (a brief description of 11 September 1973 in Santiago).

Listen to the song of Ángel Parra: Canción a Salvador Allende

4. A Feast of Life

That’s how it feels to be a human mountain. And have a human touch below you.

5. Living on a way: permanent journeys

6. Music for balance and inspiration

On twelfth birthday I got 5 LP as a present from my father. Still keep them. One of them – other 4 one can easily forget – was The Red Album (songs from 1962-1966) of The Beatles. Still have the rhythm, melodic and emotional fullness I felt then (I must have listened to this LP a thousand times) inscribed to my body, to my head to my memory. Musical memory (places of memory) and its relation to the process of creativity and it value for the mental & social constitutions are a topic by itself. At any case, LP was a fatal blow to me, a new universe, full of meaning and yearning, had opened to me. Music became my living ether until I was around twenty (at the university other things come in the front line). Didn’t particularly like the elite school I was in (Secondary School/Gymnasium Bežigrad in Ljubljana), but dearly loved the music (and literature) during that period. During the years words began to matter too, I translated them a lot, I collected records (still have over 2000 of them), and I developed a special taste for female vocalists, a tender ear and a passion for women’s vocal range, color and volume. Loved and still love passages from wild cadences into soft mastery, social sensibility, engagement. Here are some of my favorites (click on the link for a song):

More great music

[Disclaimer: All connections in the file are only links to You Tube]


7. University years

8. Appetite for the unknown

9. Auccch! (Cave litteraturam domesticam)

10. Six years of work at the university

11. Academic purge, old feints, new methods

12. Life goes on


Please, be patient. / Peu de patience, s.v.p.

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